Chinese New Year is just around the corner – and we’re already starting to hear various Feng Shui advice, such as that of lucky colours for the New Year.

Be it believers of Feng Shui or not, many are still curious to know what Feng Shui Masters have to say about 2017. Well, there’s nothing wrong with wanting better luck, and if it works, why not try it out? If it doesn’t – at least you still have a functional piece of jewellery to complete your everyday look!

For your convenience, we did our research and put together some information we found online, and hopefully this Zodiac Guide will help improve your luck in 2017.



As it is the Year of the Fire Rooster, here are the top Colors of the Fire Element:

  1. Yellow
  2. Orange
  3. Purple
  4. Magenta
  5. Pink

We understand that there’re a lot of ways to choose a stone for yourself, be it the Feng Shui List of stones by your Chinese Zodiac (with an additional list for every CNY), the Western list of Birthstones (popularised by Tiffany & Co.), or the Birthstone list by US National Association of Jewellers and the Britain’s National Association of Goldsmiths.

Ultimately, we believe that every choice is a personal affair and you should definitely go with your gut feeling for this! Every stone has its own property and purpose, and will be able to give you energy and strength in different circumstances, so if something catches your eye, just go for it!