If you are planning on choosing granite for a project somewhere around your property, you may not have realised that there are actually a number of different surface finishes that you can choose between. If of these finishes will give the stone a distinctly different appearance and texture, so it is important that you have taken the time to choose the most appropriate one. In this article, we take a look at flamed granite and some of the other popular surface finishes.

Polished Granite
This finish is smooth, shiny and reflective. The full colour, depth and crystal structure of the stone is completely visible, which can make for quite a beautiful addition to your home. A polished finish is recommended for vanities and counter tops, as the process closes most of the surface pores and helps the surface to resist staining.

Honed Granite
This finish is also smooth, but not reflective. Instead, it could have anything from a matte-like appearance to a low sheen. Some people prefer this finish because it is soft and natural looking. As such, it is recommended for floors, stairs and other areas where polish might make the surface too slippery and where foot traffic might where off a polished finish.

Flamed Granite
Also known as a thermal finish, flamed granite involves a high intensity flame being applied to the surface of the stone. This causes the crystals to pop and results in a highly textured and rough surface with zero shine. Whilst this finish can be used indoors and outdoors with ease, it is recommended for swimming pool surrounds and other wet areas.

Antiqued Granite
Also known as a tumbled finish, an antiqued finish involves the stone being tumbled with pebbles, sand or even steel bearings. This creates an old world look that is highly desirable in period homes, as it prevents the stone from appearing “too new” and is if it has always been there. This finish is really only popular amongst period homes.

Bush Hammered Granite
This is a lesser common finish, but is one that is slowly growing in popularity. It involves a grid of conical or pyramidal points at the end of a large metal slug being repeatedly impacted against the stone. The result is a rough, pockmarked texture that resembles naturally weathered rock. This finish is suitable for walking on, as well as a feature.

As you can see, there are a number of ways that flamed granite and all of the other surface finishes differ from each other. Even so, each finish is attractive in its own right and will make your home look a million dollars. If you are having trouble deciding what granite finish will best suit your home or the application at hand, be sure to speak to us; we will be able to offer plenty of advice and suggestions on how to proceed.