Onyx is a unique and exotic stone that is sure to make a breathtaking impression. Its stunning appearance, which features rich parallel layers with contrasting shades are naturally formed over the course of thousands of years. It has a remarkable one-of-a-kind style.

The lavish beauty of Onyx caught the attention of civilizations dating back to the ancient Egyptians, and Greeks, who utilized the natural beauty of Onyx for making jewelry and extraordinary cravings. A special feature that certain Onyxes have is its ability to be backlit because of their translucency. This is a fairly inexpensive process that truly allows the stone to exhibit its pure beauty and makes it the focal point of any room. Onyx is best used in low trafficked areas, such as home bars. In a retail setting, we recommend it to be used merely as an artistic accessory.

Onyx will catch the most eyes if it is backlit. Backlighting means as much as it says: a light source behind the stone illuminates the Onyx from behind, elevating its characteristics and adding a very warm feel to your interior. If an object is properly backlit it will make your design look magical and glamorous. Yellow Onyx,White Onyx, Jade Onyx, Pakistan onyx is available at Stone Ace .