There’s something about the marbled grains on this flooring type that still screams ‘luxe’ after all these years. With a sophisticated, timeless look that’ll instantly up the fancy factor in any space, marbles – just like solid hardwoods – are sought after for their all-natural properties and exclusiveness.

Volakas Marble is getting popular in Malaysia Market in this few years. We would like to share pros and cons of volakas marble.


  • Stands out visually and works well with more upscale decor, like modern Victorian, classic, regal and luxe Contemporary.

  • Its exclusivity and uniqueness. No two slabs are the same, and each piece comes in their own individual patterning and staining.

  • Stone floors are generally cool to the touch, so cool that they are literally fire resistant – great for sweltering weathers!



  • It’s expensive – Good Grade Volakas Vein cut to size price RM 75 psf and above.  

  • It’s high maintenance. Volakas Marble needs to be constantly cleaned and polished to retain its colour and shine.

  • It’s pretty fragile – Volakas is prone to water damage and stains due to its porous properties. Likewise, Volakas marble is considered a ‘soft’ stone, and can easily crack or chip if installed improperly.


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