Nature has created many unique stones. Which one is the most beautiful – it is a matter of individual preference. But it’s a fact that the stone with a romantic name – VOLGA BLUE is one of the most beautiful natural stones among granites.

Here we will try to find out, why VOLGA BLUE is becoming more and more popular among out client from India, China, Russia, Germany and other countries.


Many customers believe that VOLGA BLUE is a type of granite. This is not true. In fact – it’s kind of labradorite. Strong (2 times stronger than marble), with blue irisation. Ukrainian labradorite Volga Blue is widely known for its elegant appearance, unique play of color and excellent physical qualities such as resistance to mechanical and chemical stress, temperature and humidity changes, etc.

To make the story short- VOLGA BLUE has successful combination of elegance, toughness and functionality .


Labradorite reveals its all beauty in a polished form. While it sometimes ha red or yellow irisation, many people love VOLGA BLUE for it’s deep blue irisation wich makes it elegant and rich looking.

Sphere of application

Used in the finishing of floors, walls, working surfaces and facades, Volga Blue gives any interior and exterior the element of extravagance by its main features – bright-blue inclusions of labradorite with high reflective properties. The combination of blue irisation and natural darkness is the reason why so many architects and designers recommend VOLGA BLUE  for luxury projects.