China has a reputation like in many industries for offering a second quality product at low prices. These may be true if your are purchasing slabs and tiles of Natural Stone which have been manufactured in China but the material has been quarried in Europe, Turkey or elsewhere.

This is often due to the quality of the blocks which are shipped to China from other nations, but it does not mean that all natural stone from China is bad. There are many materials that are quarries in China and when purchased from a good supplier can provide a very attractive and high quality finish for a project.

It always important to check the country of origin for where the material is quarried from an independent source and also inspect the materials being purchased in China before shipping. There are some excellent Marble companies in China to work with. We Stone Ace compant in Malaysia will only work with reliable Factory Supplier in China.

My favourite Chinese Slab as following:

Wooden Black Marble

Portoro Platinium Marble

Most Chinese Granite ( of the price 🙂  )

Chinese Palissandro Blue Granite

Snow Jade Onyx

Green Jasper Marble