Highly appreciated for its natural beauty, sense of style and aura of elegance,marble has been the flooring option of choice for luxurious palaces and villas for centuries. In case you planned for major home renovations and you are counting marble flooring among your choices, then read the pros and cons of this natural stone floor solution to make an informed decision.

The advantages of marble floors

Quarried from mountains all around the world, marble flooring has the advantage of uniqueness. Considering that each tile used in the flooring is one of the kind, you are guaranteed that your floor will stand out with its own personality. The other advantages associated with marble include:

  • Style

By far the most convincing reason to elect marble over other flooring options is that this natural stone has the ability to instantly boost the looks and feel of an area. In addition to possessing an appearance that’s hard to replicate, marble is also available in a plethora of colors, mixes and shapes, an element that confers you a lot of flexibility in terms of decorations.

  • Radiant heat

Despite its looks, marble is an excellent heat conductor, thus making it a great flooring option for areas where you want to install below surface radiant heating systems.

  • Polish

Unlike other types of natural stones, marble can withstand more polishing, which in turn leads to a silky smooth and shimmering effect. Besides the distinct look, polishing also adds a touch of sophistication and glamor, evoking a high sense of style.

  • Translucence

Because marble is a translucent stone, meaning that it allows a slight penetration of light, there’s a fair chance it will glow when the sun hits it at just the right angle.