Black and white marble floor tiles have been popular for a hundred years and more. It is still a classic good look for Victorian and Edwardian houses. But with a little creativity, the style can work well in more modern houses and it doesn’t have to be limited to a purely black and white colour palette.

Black and white chequerboard flooring has been a popular look since Victorian times and there are many ways of recreating that look. The classic mix of Italian white Carrara marble and Black Marquinia marble (limestone, actually but it is often thought of as a marble) has always been popular but there are lots of other options. 

Option for White

  • White Carara
  • Thassos Pearl
  • Volakas
  • Prince White
  • Ariston
  • Bianco Dolomitti


Option for Black

  • Black Marquina
  • Wooden Black
  • Black Wood


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