Lately, we observe on the international design scene an increase introduction of technologies in the bathroom’s designs – not only the high-tech Japanese toilets or the occasional wall-mounted phone and TV screen in hotel bathrooms, but the implementation of new technologies, materials, and approaches for the creation of innovative and expressive bathroom decor.

In this exquisite creation of Alfredo, the marble gives a dramatic contrast to the dominating wood, and the enshrinement of the two materials creates clean and elegant decor composition. The layers of differences, not only visual but also tactile and sensual offer an experience that enriches the bathroom’s decor purpose. Combining oak parquet and flush-mounted oak sliding doors with the grey and beige strikes in the cream white marble the designer achieved elegant and serene expression.

And speaking of marble – the beauty of the freestanding tub is back with a flourish. Gracing the bathrooms design as a freestanding ornament the bathtub is no longer only a functional element. It has its trendy statement – carrying the clear, elegant lines of the Nordic style, or offering contemporary dynamic spotty presence the marble bathtub is not the only luxury is and artistic statement.